Sounds a Bit Different

Music is my heart and my passion – the gift that Father has given me to hear his heart and express it through all that I am. I make no claim to special anointings and prophetic utterances, no promises of the latest thing in the Christian music scene. I just do what I do because that’s how he created me.

Rather than just promoting all the usual music (feel free to get that from Amazon Christian Music), I'm presenting some different stuff you may not be familiar with, a mix of standard "worshippy" things and some eclectic bits and pieces.

Return to Grace is an instrumental album I recorded in 95. It represents my journey of discovery into the enormity and depth of Gods unconditional love and grace.

Jim's New music is just that - its been while, so these are just "warm ups" (more coming).

(Feel free to listen but if you download, please make a donation, thanks!)

The old classic "Jesus Loves Me" by Mark Robinson. You can also buy his album Up Until Recently